Are you watching the January 6th hearings? Are you worried that so many voters supporting Trump supported candidates (like Hershel Walker and Dr. Oz) in swing states? Are you worried about our democracy? our reproductiv rights? What can you do? Register left leaning voters and get Dems out to vote!

You can text and write to register left leaning voters and get Dems out to vote in swing states. We provide you with training, texting tools, and names & mobile numbers. You can text out 5000 initial messages in 2 hours, reply rate is 10-15%, and you will be using just your first name & computer. We provide you with instructions, names & addresses, and postcards. We know that your hand-written, personal messages win elections.

We have been textbanking with PA Dems weekly, and writing Field Team 6 and Reclaim Our Votes postcards to Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin already. Volunteer today to keep U.S. Congress blue.