Do you want to vote in our Democratic Presidential Primary this year?

The Hawaii Democratic Party will no longer conduct caucuses to determine our Presidential nominee.

Instead of caucuses, you must officially join the Democratic party and then vote in the Party-run Presidential Primary (PPP). Once enrolled, you will be mailed a Hawaii Democratic Presidential Preference ballot which will have to be mailed back.

Good news – no more long lines and torn pieces of paper for ballots. Bad news – you likely aren’t enrolled with the Democratic party.

Update (3/24)

  • Due to COVID 19, walk-in voting on April 4 has been cancelled

  • Enrollment for membership with the Hawaii Democratic Party has been extended from March 8 to April 4 Visit to enroll as a member of the Democratic Party of Hawaii. You can also register to vote with the State of Hawaii at this this site.

  • This primary supports ranked-choice voting While most candidates have suspended their campaigns, any candidate who receives 15% of the total ballots cast will receive delegates to the national convention. Voters can choose to vote for only one or two candidates if that is their preference.

  • Receipt of mail-in ballots has been extended to mid-May. The exact date will be announced soon.

Indivisible Hawaii urges everyone who has received a mail-in ballot or who will be receiving one, to cast your vote and mail it back as soon as possible.

More details

The state of Hawaii does not register voters for any political party. The state voter registration form does not include a party preference and no Hawaii voters are “registered Democrats” with the state.

Hawaii has a Party-Run Presidential Primary, not paid for or organized by the state. The Hawaii Democratic Party will mail Presidential preference ballots to everyone who enrolls with the Party. The winner of the Hawaii primary - our “Presidential Preference Poll”–will get all 33 Hawaii delegates to the Democratic National Convention. This could affect the outcome of the Convention and the Democratic nominee for President. If you want to help choose who runs against Trump in November, you must ENROLL with the Democratic Party.

The Hawaii Democrats have revised our primary system. Details are available at

The most important takeaways:

  • Mail-in ballots will be provided to every Democrat enrolled with the Democratic Party of Hawai’i.

  • Voting will be conducted with ranked choice ballots, allowing voters to list their preferred candidates from 1 - 5.