We’ve defeated Trump. We’ve defeated his cronies. We won in Georgia and took the Senate. We’ve celebrated. Now, we have a short window to save our democracy. Getting it done depends on all of us, and this new Indivisible guide provides a blueprint.

Together, we’ve defeated Trump. Now, it’s time for us to defeat the forces that allowed him to rise and that continue to threaten our democracy.

We have this opportunity now because Democrats won a trifecta. We’ve been in a similar place before. We were congressional staffers during the last Democratic trifecta in 2009. We witnessed the rise of the Tea Party and the GOP’s campaign to undermine President Obama. That experience inspired the original Indivisible Guide. Now, as President-Elect Biden and the Democrats return to power, we offer the flip side of that experience: what we can learn from the last time Democrats held a trifecta.

If there’s one takeaway from this new guide, we hope it’s this: we have the power, we have the opportunity, it’s up to us, and the time is now.

A Practical Guide for Fixing Our Democracy