We are currently scheduled to have our Windward Blue Wave Voter Registration letter writing sessions in the Down to Earth cafe. They don’t require you to be a paying customer and provide a large community room that meets our requirements.

However, we were recently asked to look for an alternative site since Down To Earth is owned by Chris Butler’s group - the Tulsi Gabbard cult – which has been virulently anti-gay .

We’re looking for alternative, free, community spaces that are not constrained by IRS 501c3 tax exempt status barring them from permitting partisan political activities . We’ve reached out to schools and colleges, churches and other organizations such as Alexander & Baldwin (not taking new users) and other sites that were too small (Morning Brew and Libby Tomar’s office).

Lack of space has inhibited us from meeting for a couple of years but it is now 2020 and we need to take back the Senate, grow the House majority and get the menace out of the White House!

Please contact us at IndWind808@gmail.com if you have any checked out leads. Thanks