The purpose of this effort is to help flip the Virginia statehouse blue by reaching out to voters with handwritten postcards up and down the state. We can help turn Virginia Blue by flipping just one more seat in Virginia. We’ve scheduled a number of postcard writing events to support the 2019 Virginia election.

However, if you would prefer to write post cards in the quiet and comfort of your own home, please check out this website or hit the Take Action Now button to the left. This will explain how to:

  • Register with PostCards4VA
  • Order postcards
  • Select the candidate you want to support
  • Obtain VA addresses for voters in the candidate’s district
  • Write your postcards. Include your first name on the front of the card to indicate that you’ve paid for the card and postage.
  • Mail your postcards on Oct 15

Each volunteer pays for their postcards and stamps.

If you have any questions, send us an email at

Thanks so much.