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Summary of Steps Required between Elections and Inauguration

Barbara Shimei, from Indivisible Hawaii, has graciously shared her research regarding all the steps required to get us from the elections...

Articles written by our own Ray Markey

Wanted to share a couple of Ray Markey’s thoughtful articles with all of you. Trump, Fascism and the Allure of Authoritarianism Given w...

A Message from VP Biden to Indivisible Members

Message from VP Biden to Indivisible Members

Elections during the COVID-19 Pandemic

How are different states changing their election laws to deal with COCVID-19? Policymakers are scrambling. Courts are issuing emergency ...

CoronaVirus Town Hall with Senators Schatz and Hirono - 5/28

Chuck Freedman, from Senator Schatz’s office, shared this townhall with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZDty9f7DUo&feature=yout...

116th Congress (2019): Major House-Passed Bills Stuck in the Senate

Thanks to Martha Nakajima, for pulling together this list. Thanks Mitch McConnell! HR 1, For the People Act (voting rights and ethics) ...

Trump vs. Biden Electoral Platforms

Martha Nakajima, from Indivisible Hawaii, put together this nice summary of the differences between Trump’s and Biden’s platforms. Thanks...

Sen. Schatz declares Trump 'guilty on both counts'

View Senator Schatz’s floor speech at impeachment trail. “For all of the crocodile tears of my colleagues, all of the fake outrage at th...

Indivisible Windward 2020 Blue Wave Strategy

This note summarizes our Blue Wave activities for this year. For the next few months we will focus on mailing voter registration...

Introducing Indivisible Windward

Our priorities:  Get Trump out of office and flip the U.S. Senate Since Trump’s election, there were several enthusiastic, sporadic meet...

Schatz Legislation Signed Into Law

At our recent visit to Senator Schatz’s office, his staff shared with us some of the Senator’s 2019 successes for Hawaii. Raising the Sm...

Hints about 2020, from 2019 Virginia State Election

Source: New York Times, 8/19/19

Most Flippable U.S. Senate Seats

Source: Washington Post, 7/12/19


Irish Times article

Rep Gabbard's poor voting record

A news story from KITV-4

Ige vetoes forfeiture bill

There is a procedure known as forfeiture where the government can seize your property alleging it has been involved in a crime without fi...

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