Date and time
  • June 15, 2020
  • 10:00 AM

We need 28 additional electoral votes and 4 additional U.S. Senate seats to Beat Trump and flip U.S. Congress blue this November.

The U.S. Senate seat in Colorado is flippable. Join Environmental Voter Project to text nonvoting environmentalists in Colorado to get out to vote. Yes this is for Colorado’s June 30th statewide primary and yes it has been proven that a voter who votes during the primary is likely to vote during the general election.

The texting will be done using the Hustle software platform which means you don’t need to use your phone. The training will be conducted by EVP staff as a virtual meeting using zoom. You must RSVP to get zoom meeting information.

When we Vote, We Win. When we write, We Vote. When we Text, We Vote. When we Call, We Vote.

#BlueWaveHawaii Team