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The Indivisible Hawaii (IH) Healthcare Team was formed to advocate for progressive solutions to the problem of a growing shortage of health providers and services in Hawaii, especially on Neighbor Islands. We are a new team, formed in mid-2023, and comprised of grassroots advocates with deep professional and lived experience with Hawaii’s health care system. Those of us who are Neighbor Island residents live with the day-to-day reality of scarce health resources. Meetings are held monthly via Zoom. The team is currently focused on 3 areas of research, collaboration and action:

  1. Addressing the health provider shortage via tax credits and tax exemptions for medicine and medical care; Increasing reimbursement rates for health care providers; and Creating incentives for health practitioners to work in underserved areas of Hawai’i.

  2. Increasing access to abortion and other reproductive health services, esp. on Neighbor Islands.

  3. Supporting the development of one rural community health model: the Puna Community Medical Center, in order to serve the fastest growing and most populous community on Hawai’i Island. https://www.pcmcf.com/

Partner organizations:
As a new team, we are currently building collaborative partnerships with other advocacy groups, organizations, and policy makers in order to more effectively address this complex and critical issue for Hawai’i’s people.

Team Lead: Doris Sengal Matsunaga

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