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Indivisible teams are organized around specific issues. Team members plan events and actions and bring in the entire Indivisible Hawaii community to participate. Any community member is welcome to attend a team event or action. All of the team’s contact information is on the corresponding team page.

Local Voter Registration & Turnout

Our mission is to assist unregistered voters in Hawaii to register.

National Voter Registration and Turnout

We are the pro-democracy citizens from Hawaiʻi who wrote, texted, called and knocked on doors to register and turnout left leaning voters in swing states since 2017. We do what we do to protect our freedom, our democracy, our earth, and our lives.

Environment - Clean Water

We are the team that are fighting to keep Hawaii’s land and water protected, safe and clean. Using science, policy and partnerships we fight to keep our water, reefs and beaches clean. In 2024 we will be focused on legislation that enforces the Clean Water Act and pushes to convert cesspools earlier than 2050.

Government Accountability

Our mission is to track and support bills at the Legislature aimed at improving government accountability and transparency, and to support bills providing public funding of candidates for major statewide offices, thus leveling the playing field against big money.

Gun Safety

We advocate for common-sense gun safety legislation.


The Indivisible Hawaii (IH) Healthcare Team was formed to advocate for progressive solutions to the problem of a growing shortage of health providers and services in Hawaii, especially on Neighbor Islands.


The LGBTQIA\+ Rights Team addresses issues which may affect the LGBTQIA\+ community, from defending civil rights to fighting harassment and discrimination.

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