Indivisible Berkeley is a part of the national Indivisible Movement. Our mission is to resist the agenda of the current administration and promote a progressive and inclusive agenda by effecting change through the political system at all levels of government. We seek to embrace democratic and progressive values and promote inclusivity, respect, empathy, and fairness in all of our actions.


Our team will uphold democratic and progressive values, not only in the political sphere but in our day-to-day interactions with each other. This means inclusivity, equality, respect, and empathy, in both speech and behavior, especially in times of disagreement

Our team will assume every member is acting with best intentions. We will educate each other generously, and will search for common ground

Our team will speak truth to power. We will not employ deception or underhandedness.


Our team will take relentless nonviolent action, focusing on as many direct political actions and engagements as meetings held

Our team will act as one Indivisible Berkeley , united through excellent communication within and between teams and members, coordination of major actions, and focus on our shared vision

Our team will hold meetings that show we value the time of our volunteers, hear the voices of all (particularly marginalized groups), and choose deliberate next steps

News about Indivisible and the Resistance Movement