Rally and Lobby Day at the Capitol

Monday, April 22, 2024

Every year thousands of ordinary people and advocates for Hawai‘i’s communities descend upon the Hawai‘i Capitol at the start of the legislative session to make their voices heard and remind legislators who they work for. It’s all smiles and handshakes In January, but in April at the end of the legislative session — when it’s time for decision-making of what bills will and won’t pass — lawmakers operate in secrecy and make backroom deals out of the public eye and normal process, and there is no one around to hold them accountable and remind them that we the people are watching.

It’s time to change that. That’s why a new coalition of community and labor groups is announcing what we hope will turn into an annual week of action under the banner: “May Day at the Legislature!”

On Monday, April 22nd, the first day of the last week of the secretive legislative “conference committee” period, we will turn out as many ordinary people as we can to kick off a week of action with a May Day at the Legislature Rally and Lobby Day to hold legislators accountable to the needs of local working families, and the agenda set forth at the beginning of the legislative session. We will close the week of action with the Hawai’i Workers Center International Workers Day March And Rally on May 1 (a.k.a. May Day) which this day falls just before “Sine Die,” the last day of the legislative session.  

Top Priorities to Elevate:

  • Housing For Locals and Fire Survivors – (SB2919, HB1838 & HB1902)
  • Protect Our Water – (HB2690)
  • Tax Relief for Working Families, Not The Rich (Fair Income Tax and Cost of Living Adjustment, Including Dependent Care Tax Credit – HB 2404/HB1776;Tax the Rich – Don’t Repeal the Estate Tax (HB2653) and Tax Capital Gains (HB1660))
  • Government For the People, Not Big Money – (Clean Elections – SB1543)