Indivisible Hawaii’s BlueWave and statewide partners had 570 volunteers who wrote over 127,000 letters and postcards to swing states just during 2020

  • BlueWave had 311 volunteers who wrote 55,000 letters & postcards (see email below)

  • Aloha to Voters (Sister District Project) had 200 volunteers who wrote 50,000 postcards

  • Reclaim Our Vote had another 60 volunteers who wrote another 22,000 postcards

  • Half of them also phonebanked and textbanked

Most of this was done during COVID lockdown restrictions!

Thanks to Younghee Overly, Gil Mendelsen, Keith Richmond, Lani Twomey and statewide partners for all your work coordinating this big task.

And thanks to all those who wrote postcards/letters and paid for postage.

We made a difference!