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State Government

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Mission: To work with the Hawaii State government to improve transparency and accountability on topics of interest to us

Legislature: The Leg considers 3000-4000 bills each year, approximately half of which are duplicates. The bills that are passed or killed each year are traded behind closed doors. We need to reduce redundancy, improve transparency and accountability, and vote out the dead wood.

The Governor and Executive Agencies (by far the largest branch of government): we need to encourage the Legislature to increase its oversight function of executive agencies to improve transparency and accountability and to reduce graft and corruption.. What are these agencies doing (or not doing) with our power and our money?

Focus topics: voting/elections and ethics/transparency/accountability

Partner with Indivisible on other islands on topics of common interest; help them get their voices heard

Partner with other activist groups on topics of common interest

Be an information resource for others


Testimonies should be submitted 24 hours prior to the date and time of the hearing.

Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, March 10, at 10am in Room 016

HB 2738HD1 - Relating to Campaign Finance (restricts ability of foreign nationals and corporations to make donations in elections in Hawaii and includes certain disclosure requirements) [update: passed with amendments]

HB 2747 HD3 – Proposing a Constitutional Amendment to Authorize the Legislature to Forfeit the Pensions of Government Employees Convicted of Job Related Felonies (government employees cannot abuse their office and then retire on pensions paid for by the public they are supposed to represent and protect) [update: deferred - dead]

Senate Government Operations Committee on Tuesday, March 10, at 2:45pm in Room 225

HB2124 HD1– Relating to the Code of Ethics (regulates lobbying by former legislators and executive-branch employees) [update: passed with amendments]

Past Events




Legislative Briefing on Vote by Mail

2:00 PM

Hawaii State Capitol, Conference Room 016




Census data workshop

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Impact Hub Honolulu




Lights for Liberty

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Hawaii State Capitol Rotunda

Past Actions


by Mar


State Government Team ACTION WEEK March 9-13

Please see details on State Government Team page

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