There is a procedure known as forfeiture where the government can seize your property alleging it has been involved in a crime without finding you guilty of any crime, or even charging you. Proceeds of sale of the property have been used as a slush fund for law enforcement. An audit in Hawaii found that the procedure has long-been subject to insufficient oversight.

The Legislature passed a bill, HR 748, to provide that property can only be seized after the owner is convicted of a felony.

On July 9, Governor Ige vetoed this bill.

At present the Legislature does not plan to hold the special session that would be required to override this veto. It is anticipated that this bill will be reintroduced at the next legislative session.

In the interim, we will work with Representatives Lee and San Buenaventura, Senator Rhoads, and the press to educate the public and maintain pressure to insure this bill becomes law when it is reintroduced.