This note summarizes our Blue Wave activities for this year.

  1. For the next few months we will focus on mailing voter registration forms to residents of Swing States. The Blue Wave Team will use Vote Forward ( to obtain names and addresses for mailings to potential voters. As of now, this website is updating their voter registration database for 2020. Our initial focus will be on Colorado and North Carolina, but we will be adding other states in the future. Our first meeting is tonite, Jan 15 from 5-7pm at Kailua’s new Down to Earth indoor cafe.

  2. Next, we plan to switch to mailings in support of Dem nominees for U.S. Senate Sometime after March primaries in CO, NC, ME, AZ we will know who the Dem nominees are and write Get Out The Vote postcards etc naming them and their platforms. Mailings will be held until October. Postcards will be held until October and then mailed out.

  3. Lastly, as we approach election day, we can text message to voters in support of U.S. Senate nominees. After the last mailing opportunity, we can textbank in cooperation with their campaigns in Swing States. Usually the software masks your real phone number and uses a cloud temporary number for you.

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