Martha Nakajima, from Indivisible Hawaii, put together this nice summary of the differences between Trump’s and Biden’s platforms. Thanks Martha!


    TRUMP: Reduce immigration via border wall, maximum enforcement of current laws and new legislation favoring job skills over family unification

    BIDEN: Halt construction of ineffective wall and cancel emergency declaration which enables transfer of defense appropriations to build it. Focus border enforcement on technology and intelligence to interdict trafficking and contraband. Cease family separations and detentions at the border in favor of a public-private partnership with NGOs to assist asylum seekers humanely in an efficient legal process with an increased number of judges. Limit ICE deportations to violent threats to public safety. Reform immigration laws to reaffirm family unification and offer undocumented immigrants a path to eventual legal status and citizenship. Set minimum 125,000 annual quota for admission of refugees.


    TRUMP: Drive up growth and employment with tax cuts, revival of domestic manufacturing, including coal and oil, reduction of regulations, opening of new public land, and trade protectionism

    BIDEN: Repeal Trump capital gains tax breaks and direct the savings toward healthcare and environmental reforms. Deal with depressed areas through comprehensive, environmentally friendly economic and social development programs rather than trying to revive uncompetitive, polluting industries. Organize a trading block of democracies to leverage our weight (half of global GDP) in world trade policy.


    TRUMP: Repeal/undermine/replace Obamacare; lower prescription drug costs

    BIDEN: Healthcare as a right for all. Protect and build on Obamacare by stopping administrative sabotage and adding a public option and needs-based tax-credits to reduce premiums, including free insurance to low-income households as a work-around in states which have refused Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. Lower Medicare eligibility to age 60. Repeal barriers to Medicare negotiation of drug prices with manufacturers and do comprehensive reform of drug pricing and taxation of manufacturers.


    TRUMP: Appoint conservatives to federal judgeships at all levels to eventually criminalize abortion and restrict LGBT rights. Defund Planned Parenthood and deny foreign aid funding to NGOs which offer abortions or referrals (Global Gag Order). Reject transgender military service

    BIDEN: Restore Planned Parenthood funding and repeal Global Gag Order. Actively engage Justice Department in support of reproductive choice and minority and LGBT rights. Restore transgender military service.


    TRUMP: roll-back regulations, withdraw from Paris agreement, promote fossil fuel drilling offshore and on public lands, deny climate science

    BIDEN: Target net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, rejoin Paris agreement and engage with the other signatories to achieve ambitious goals. Pressure China to stop promoting coal, including in foreign projects. Pursue global moratorium on offshore drilling. Systematically integrate climate science in all domestic and foreign policymaking and regulatory activities.


    TRUMP: promote broadest view of 2nd amendment rights (NRA) and resist attempts to curtail gun rights at all levels of government.

    BIDEN: Ban sale, including importation, of assault weapons, regulate possession of existing assault weapons, and initiate buybacks. Limit individual firearms purchases to one per month. Require background checks (within 10 days) for all gun sales, deny gun purchases to persons convicted of hate crimes, including misdemeanors. Return fugitives to background check list. Require persons put on list to relinquish their guns. Give states incentives to strengthen checks and adequately fund programs. Reauthorize violence against women Act. Establish programs to help gun violence survivors and treat gun violence as a public health problem.


    TRUMP: “America First” military buildup and reduced engagement in international cooperation, agreements and alliances with democracies in favor of rapprochement with Russia and North Korea.

    BIDEN: Maintain US military preeminence but narrowly focus missions in Middle East and Afghanistan on minimal vital interests and potential successes. End support for Saudi war in Yemen. Support Israel. Restore partnerships with NATO and pacific allies. Re-enter the Iran nuclear deal if Iran returns to compliance. Joint initiative with allies toward North Korea. Seek extension of the New START treaty with Russia. Join with democratic allies for joint initiatives toward China’s illegal and unfair trade and business practices as well as its aggressive military posture, maintaining firm insistence on maintaining international norms, rules and institutions.