Indivisible Hawaii brings the fight to save our democracy to nearly 400 of our friends and neighbors on Oahu plus members through the Indivisible Hawaii Statewide Network chapters on Kauai, Maui County and Hawaii Island.

Indivisible Hawaii is a pro-democracy citizen activist group whose mission is to protect and enhance the institutions of democracy in our Country and our State. We seek to resist Trumpism by engaging our elected officials at all levels of government and promote progressive and democratic values.

Indivisible Hawaii participates with the Indivisible National Distributed Fundraising program which is a registered 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation. Contributions to Indivisible Hawaii through ActBlue are not tax-deductible, but we appreciate them anyway!

The Indivisible Hawaii Leadership Group is composed of organizers, tech specialists, and political gurus. Its function is to help guide Indivisible Hawaii on a path of productive and impactful action. Like everyone in our organization, Leadership Council members are all volunteers. To contact the Leadership Council, please email

Indivisible Hawaii fulfills its mission through action by collections of individuals. This includes regularly scheduled actions such as monthly visits to the offices of our Members of Congress, Trump Tower protests or social events. These and regularly scheduled actions appear on the All Events website page. Other actions are primarily organized by and through teams working on specific issues - See our Issues page,, for detailed descriptions of each team.

Current Teams include:

  • National Voter Registration

  • Local Voter Registration and Engagement

  • Environment

  • Gun Safety

  • Healthcare

  • Government Accountability


Our power lies in a growing number of engaged citizens and voters who participate in our democracy. We hope you will join us!