Gun Safety

Hawai’i has traditionally had one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the country, and the vast majority of us want to keep it that way.  Our mission is to follow bills at the County and State level that impact the sale of weapons and ammunition, the rules and enforcement of licenses and registration, when and where the use of firearms is and is not permitted, protection of children and victims of domestic violence, and the safeguarding of public spaces. 


Bans assault rifles, assault shotguns, .50 caliber rifles, and assault weapon attachments, expands ban on assault pistols, bans detachable magazines with over a ten round capacityXSB3196  
Cannot sell ammunition to anyone under 21; persons under 21 cannot own, possess, or control ammunitionHB1810  SB2845  
AG annual report on protective and restraining orders, firearms, and electric gunsHB2232  X
Amends annual AG reporting on concealed carry licenses (part of Governor’s Package))HB2351  SB3040  
gun buyback programHB2622  SB2346  
Election fraud intimidation includes carrying any firearm or weapon . . .at or near a voter service center, place of deposit, or polling placeXSB2702  
Repeals Gun Violence and Violent Crimes Commission and merges it into Criminal Justice Data Sharing Working Group ( part of Governor’s package)HB2353  SB3042  
Establishes Office of Gun Violence Prevention within Dept of AG, repeals Gun Violence and Violent Crimes CommissionXSB3349  
Prohibits carrying or using firearm in commission of a separate misdemeanor offense, clarifies deadly or dangerous weapons, switchblade knives, and butterfly knives (part of Governor’s package)HB2342